Following the enactment in Spain of corporate criminal liability legislation for crimes committed within companies by directors and officers or employees, in the absence of suitable controls, it has been necessary, to a varying extent, for all companies to review, improve or, as the case may be, put in place effective prevention schemes to either stop crimes from being committed or, if they are indeed committed, to save the company harmless because it is able to prove that it has proper prevention controls in place.

In this connection, at GIMÉNEZ TORRES ABOGADOS we offer advice to help our clients improve or implement their own compliance policies with the assistance of specialist practitioners in each of the areas concerned.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in preparing and implementing crime prevention policies
  • Reviewing and adapting previously implemented compliance policies
  • Assistance in creating, composing and forming the company’s compliance committee
  • Assisting the compliance committee in the performance of its control responsibilities
  • Assistance in regularly reviewing and updating compliance policies to adapt them to changing legislation/case law
  • Employee training courses
  • Assistance in any legal proceedings brought against the company in this field