• Litigation and Arbitration


The Litigation and Arbitration department at Giménez Torres Abogados represents its clients in civil and corporate disputes in national and international legal cases and business sectors of every description.

We focus our advice first on preventing disputes and then on planning actions to safeguard our clients’ assets.

Our practitioners form the best working teams having regard to the stage of the dispute and the needs of each case. We tackle the dispute globally, either relying on the various dispute resolution methods and the conclusion of agreements least onerous for our clients, or defending their interests in the various courts and at all stages of litigation.

We draw on the trust clients have in us, our ability to negotiate and arrive at agreements, and also on experience built up from our involvement in all manner of legal proceedings in national and international courts of law and arbitration. We also rely on our capacity to work with our clients’ in-house lawyers or external counsel in foreign jurisdictions.

Our services include:

  • Contractual civil liability: contract validity, performance and termination.
  • Non-contractual civil liability: field of insurance and product liability.
  • Construction law disputes.
  • Agency and distribution law disputes.
  • Professional indemnity
  • Real estate disputes: leaseholds, security interests, commonhold
  • Actions for recovery, collection proceedings: (to enforce bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes) and insolvency law.
  • Banking law proceedings
  • Corporate disputes. Contesting resolutions, members’ meetings and management boards of companies. Directors’ liability
  • Inheritance law. Wills, distribution of estates
  • Intellectual property: trade marks, patents, designs, artistic, literary, scientific and audio-visual creations.
  • Arbitrationsin National and International Courts of Arbitration
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign awards and judgments.
  • Criminal cases: financial crime law.