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This website, just like most websites on the Internet, uses Cookies to improve and enhance user experience. Below you will find detailed information as to what “Cookies” are, the types used by this website, how you can disable them in your browser and how to specifically block third-party Cookies.

What are Cookies and how are they used at the Giménez Torres Abogados websites?

Cookies are files which the website or application you use sets on your browser or device (Smartphone, tablet or smart TV) while you navigate through the website or application, and serve to store information about your visit. Just like most websites on the Internet, Giménez Torres Abogados uses Cookies to:

Make sure the web pages work properly.

Store your preferences, such as your chosen language.

Understand your browsing experience.

Collect anonymous statistical information, such as which pages you have viewed or the length of your visit.

Cookies are analysed by both the Webmaster and Giménez Torres Abogados.

Cookies relate to an anonymous user and computer/device only and provide no personal information details. You may access your browser settings at all times to modify and/or block downloading of Cookies from the Giménez Torres Abogados website. This shall not prevent you from gaining access to the content, other than in the case of cookies essential for provision of a service, without which the website cannot operate. You should however bear in mind that modifying and/or blocking downloading of Cookies could affect service quality or availability.

Users who complete the registration process or log in with their password may gain access to customised services adapted to their preferences based on their personal information supplied at the time of registration and stored in their browser Cookie.

Giménez Torres Abogados’ email marketing tools use small email images invisible to users. This technology allows us to know whether or not and when an email has been read, the IP address from which it was opened, etc. We use this information for sent and received email statistics and analytics purposes in order to improve the service offering you may have signed up for, and provide information which may be of interest to you.

Why are they important?

Technically, they allow a smoother, user-preference based website operation, e.g. by storing language, currency of country or detecting the access device.

They set protection and security levels preventing or hindering cyberattacks against the website or its users.

They allow media managers to understand statistics collected in Cookies in order to improve service quality and experience.

They are useful to make the most of user advertising, offering what is most suited to your interests.

What are the different types of Cookies we use at Giménez Torres Abogados?

Session Cookies expire when a User leaves the page or closes the browser, i.e. they are active during the visit to the website and are therefore erased from your computer when you leave the site.

Permanent Cookies expire when they have served their purpose or are manually deleted. They have an expiry date and are normally used for online buying, personalisation or registration, so that you need not enter your password time and again.

In addition, depending on which entity manages the equipment or domain from which cookies are sent and processes the data obtained, a distinction may be made between first and third-party Cookies.

First party Cookies are Cookies sent to your computer and exclusively managed by us for improved Website functionality. The information we collect is used to improve our service quality and your user experience.

Third party cookies may also be set if you interact with our Website content (e.g., if you click social media buttons or view videos housed in another website). These cookies are set by a domain other than our Website. We cannot access the data stored in other website cookies when you navigate to those sites.

If you browse this website, the following types of Cookies may be set:


These Cookies are used to store location-based data on the computer or device to offer you more appropriate content and services.

Contents adjusted to country, city, language, etc.


Registration Cookies are set when you register or log in.

You can remain authenticated even if you close the browser so you will still be identified when you return unless you end the session or log off.

To access certain areas.


These Cookies collect fully anonymous information about your browsing experience in our web portals.

We can count the number of visitors to the site or most viewed content.

We can know whether the user who is accessing is a new or returning visitor.

That information may help us improve browsing and provide you a better service.

Some of Giménez Torres Abogados’ services may use links to several social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. When you use the link, you authorise the social network to set a persistent Cookie. This Cookie remembers your service ID and makes subsequent access much quicker. This Cookie may be deleted and you may also cancel Giménez Torres Abogados service access permissions from the relevant social network’s privacy settings.

How can I set my Cookies?

By navigating to and browsing our Website you consent to the use of Cookies on the terms set out in this Cookie Policy. Giménez Torres Abogados provides access to this Cookie Policy at the time of registration in order for you to be informed, notwithstanding which you may exercise the right to block, delete and reject the use of Cookies at all times.

In any case, please note that, because they are not necessary for our Website to be used, you may block or disable Cookies by going to your browser settings, where you may disable all or some cookies. Almost all browsers have a Cookie alert function or allow them to be automatically refused. If you refuse Cookies, you may still use our Website, although the use of some of its services may be limited and you may therefore find your experience at our Website less satisfactory.

The following are links to the main browsers and devices in order for you to get all relevant information to understand how to manage cookies in your browser.

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Click here for more information about Google Chrome™

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Go to Your Online Choices to learn more about how to set up Cookies detailed by provider or manage your preferences.

Do we update our Cookie Policy?

We may update our Website Cookie Policy and we therefore advise you to check this policy every time you access our Website in order to be properly informed about how and what we use cookies for.

The Cookie Policy was last updated on 14/04/2018.